Construction products

Salt walls and construction products are now becoming a healthy part of our home decoration. We have made it easy for you to decorate and design your home in a unique & healthy way. Saltrado International brought you with Himalayan salt tiles in a diversity of designs and shapes to make your interior exceptionally wonderful. This Himalayan salt contains health-boosting effects and it has such a remarkable ability to eliminate negativity from atmosphere. Bricks of salt are being used in many yoga rooms, gyms, spas and now even in restaurants to make a pacifying environment for humanity. Our brands salt tiles are being made up of natural & pure Himalayan salt that helps to sustain emotional well-being.

It is a big gift of nature to humankind. These Himalayan salt tiles and bricks are easy to install in your home or at any other place. An interesting feature of having a salt wall at your household is that this Himalayan salt contains almost 84 trace minerals, gasping these particles present in your surroundings improves respirational conditions and prevent you from asthma and other allergies.

Saltrado International offers you the premium quality salt tiles, brick and blocks for your home. Experience the gratuities of this God gifted Himalayan salt with us! 


Salt Tiles

Size:  1:4:8
Available in bulk quantity

Salt Bricks

Size:  2:4:8
Available in bulk quantity

Salt Square Tiles

Size:  1:8:8
Available in bulk quantity